A Balenciaga Le Cagole Dupe for Less Than $81? Kylie Jenner is Quaking

Balenciaga Le Cagole Dupe with Pink Sparkly Rhinestones
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As soon as I saw Kylie Jenner wearing the pink rhinestone Balenciaga Le Cagole XS… I knew this was going to be the new it bag. (And it’s very Y2K which is so in right now.) But gurl, at $7,000 (yes, $7k!!) the price tag is STEEP. I mean that’s practically the price of a Chanel classic flap these days. And we all know how I feel about paying a steep price tag for designer items that don’t even have any logos to let a hoe know you got it like that. (Because c’mon, if we’re dropping serious Gs on a bag, it’s because we want the world to KNOW — you’re lying if you say differently.)

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Kylie Jenner’s Balenciaga Bag Started It All

Kylie Jenner balenciaga le cagole bag in pink rhinestones
Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

If there’s anything a Kardashian is good at… it’s starting a trend. So we can thank Kylie Jenner for making the Balenciaga Le Cagole XS Shoulder Bag the new it bag as soon as she posted not one, but TWO pics of her pink rhinestone version (in her private jet and $300k Rolls Royce, no less). Thanks Kylie!

If you’re not a billionaire like Kylie, and don’t have $7k to drop on a bag, you’re in luck, because I found a literal exact dupe so good, no one will know the difference! You can thank me later. (Actually you can thank me right now by making any purchase through the links in this blog so I can make a few monies off the sale!)

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Swoop the Balenciaga Le Cagole Dupe

Balenciaga Le Cagole Dupe pink sparkly

Tell me this Balenciaga dupe doesn’t look the exact same as the original! It’s even covered in rhinestones, just like Kylie’s Balenciaga shoulder bag. If pink rhinestones aren’t your thing, the bag also comes in a ton of other colors that I’ll link below (and the non-rhinestone versions are even cheaper!).

Note: if the original Ego Shoes Texas bag is sold out, I’ve recently found a few more incredibly spot-on dupes (including one on Etsy that’s a little pricier, but an even better dupe, and one on Shop Akira.)

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More Balenciaga Shoulder Bag Dupes In Every Color

If you love bright colors like me, you’re gonna want to snag this bag in every color. My absolute favorite dupe is the Ego Shoes Texas bag which comes in so many colors, including a bunch of sparkly rhinestone options, but Public Desire also has a version that comes in a hot pink that I couldn’t find anywhere else. And if you want more colors in your life, be sure to check out my favorite colorful makeup looks.

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Splurge on the Genuine Balenciaga Le Cagole XS Shoulder Bag

Balenciaga Bag Pink Sparkly Le Cagole XS Shoulder Bag

And if you’re Mrs. Moneybags, here’s a link to the real McCoy Balenciaga Le Cagole… please consider doing some charity work by buying it through my link (since you got it like that), so I can make a few dollars off the sale πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‚

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