Black Smokey Eye Tutorial
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Black Smokey Eye Tutorial for Hooded Eyes: Step-By-Step With Pictures

Hey guys! Here’s a little black smokey eye tutorial for hooded eyes! I’ll walk you through this look step-by-step, with pictures of each step, to help you guys create this smokey eye makeup look on your own. I have slightly hooded eyes, and I know it can be tricky to create a smokey eye (or …

ColourPop Lilac Palette Tutorial
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ColourPop Lilac Collection Review & Tutorial: Glittery Purple Cut Crease

Hey guys! ColourPop was kind enough to send me their entire Lilac collection, including their Lilac You A Lot palette, the Dewin’ Time glitterally obsessed mini trio (with the colors Disco Lady, Starfire, and Keep It Plutonic), Take Me As I Amethyst blush stix duo, Budding Romance just a tint duo, Fourth Ray Acai Face …

Il Makiage Review
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Il Makiage Review & Tutorial: Is This The Bougiest Makeup Brand Ever?

When Il Makiage approached me and asked if I’d like to try their makeup products and do a series of looks and videos, I was like HELLZ YEAH. For one, they openly declare they are all about maximalism, and I’ve literally been calling myself a maximalist for years, so their brand messaging clearly speaks to …

Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Tutorial
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Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Palette Tutorial: Hot Pink Eyeshadow Look

Here is my first Jeffree Star Jawbreaker tutorial! I say first, because I’m planning on doing more, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see how that cookie crumbles… I’m pretty behind on my filming and editing schedule, as it is. For this tutorial, I created an all pink half cut crease eyeshadow look, …

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Lipstick
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Jeffree Star Blue Blood Lip Swatches & Review — Pointless… But Fun?!

Hey guys! I know it’s a LITTLE late, but here is my Jeffree Star Blue Blood lipstick review with swatches of every shade! Listen, this collection launched on March 29 and it’s May 28 today… so yeah, it’s two months late, but I’ve been going through some ish and I’ve had a ton of anxiety …

Kylie Jenner Met Gala Makeup 2019
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Kylie Jenner’s 2019 Met Gala Makeup Tutorial — KYLIE IS SHOOK

Yo fam, what’s gooooood? Do you like my new intro? No? Okay, moving right along then… I turned myself into Kylie Jenner at the 2019 Met Gala, and TBH I think I nailed it 😂😂 Ok, so my purple wig is PRETTY HECKIN’ BAD, but other than that, I’m really proud of the way this …

Pop Of Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial
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Pop Of Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial Using The Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette

What’s up, fam? Here is my overdue post on the pop of blue eyeshadow tutorial I filmed almost a dang month ago. I mean, no one reads this blog, so I don’t really know why I’m apologizing for this post being late, but I’M SORRY, OKAY?!? 😂😂 Alright, that’s enough nonsense, makeup is serious business!! …

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Tutorial
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Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette Makeup Tutorial & GIVEAWAY!!

Hey guyyyyys! For today’s post, I’m gonna keep it short and sweet since no one reads this blog anyways 😂TBH I don’t know why I feel obligated to turn my YouTube tutorials and Instagram posts into blog posts for no one to read, but whatever, I like having a blog so LEAVE ME ALONE (she …

Green Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial
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Green Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial: Step-By-Step With Pictures

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I present to you: A St. Patrick’s Day green cut crease eyeshadow tutorial that I shall no longer refer to as a St. Patrick’s day makeup tutorial, because now it’s April, and Sir Patrick is no longer relevant. But I’ll have you know that I posted this look on my Instagram on …