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Jeffree Star Blue Blood Lip Swatches & Review — Pointless… But Fun?!

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Lipstick Swatches

Hey guys! I know it’s a LITTLE late, but here is my Jeffree Star Blue Blood lipstick review with swatches of every shade! Listen, this collection launched on March 29 and it’s May 28 today… so yeah, it’s two months late, but I’ve been going through some ish and I’ve had a ton of anxiety and blah blah blah. Long story short, I just didn’t really feel like editing this video until now, so I hope you’ll forgive me, and I hope you’ll still watch this video and maybe even enjoy it a lil bit! ?

I actually had fun filming this, and you almost can’t even tell I was ’bout to have a nervy b! Honestly, I really love filming, because if I talk enough, it drowns out the anxious thoughts in my head. BUT ANYWAYS, that’s enough chatter about stuff no one likes, let’s just get into the Blue Blood lipstick swatches and review, shall we? As always, WE SHALL.

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Lipstick Swatches

Now first, for the lip swatches! The following swatches are all unedited stills from my YouTube video, so if you don’t like them, TOUGH. If you’d like to leave me some hate comments about how ridiculous I look and how bad I am at swatching, I welcome that with open arms ?

Drug Lord

Jeffree Star Drug Lord Swatch

Ice Tray

Jeffree Star Ice Tray Swatch


Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Swatch

Blue Velvet

Jeffree Star Blue Velvet Swatch


Jeffree Star Abused Swatch


Jeffree Star Diamond Swatch


Jeffree Star Titanic Swatch


Jeffree Star Medusa Swatch

Blue Blood Lipstick Collection Review

And now, for my full review on JSC’s blue lipsticks along with the swatches in motion, which will, perhaps, make the above stills make a little more sense? Prob not, but hopefully you’ll at least get a little chuckle.

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