Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks: She Wears Her Heart On Her… Face

Valentines Day Makeup Look

Ahh, Valentine’s Day… a holiday seemingly designed solely to make people believe that being in a relationship is the only thing that gives your life purpose and meaning. Can we all just agree that this holiday is trash? And yet, while I hate what Valentine’s Day stands for, I LOVE me some pink makeup looks (and red and purple). So here we are, writing a whole post about Valentine’s Day makeup looks. And by we, I mean me alone. The Royal we, if you will.

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My Fave Pink Eyeshadow Looks for Valentine’s Day

As previously stated, I love pink makeup looks. I also happen to be at least halfway-decent at drawing hearts. I can hear it now, “Well hearts are just an easy shape to draw, DEBRA, that doesn’t make you an ✨artist✨!” and you’re right! They are easy! And that is, in fact why I love drawing them. They make me feel ✨talented✨ or whatevaaaa. So please, just let me have this one thing.

Here are some of the pink eyeshadow looks that I’ve done for good ol’ Val Day! Click the links below each picture to watch the tutorial for each look.

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On Cloud 9

Feel like you’ve always got your head in the clouds? Clouds are one of my fave things to draw because they’re surprisingly easy! I used my CC Beauty oil-based face paints and a Morphe M326 lip brush (use code GLAMFAM789 to save those monies, honey) to draw them thangs. For the hearts and eyeliner, I used the Mehron Paradise paint palette, and on mis ojos, I’m wearing the Jeffree Star Jawbreaker palette.

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Struck by Cupid’s Arrow

I was hit by Cupid’s sparrow! Funny little bird, but he gets the job done. I used my trusty dusty Mehron Paradise Pro Face Paint palette for this fun, creative Valentines makeup look!

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Heart Eyes for You

This look is quite simple, but it packs a punch! I love the idea of a smokey pink eyeshadow look for Valentine’s Day because it’s easy and sultry! I did this one using the Jeffree Star Jawbreaker palette and the Suva Beauty hydra liner in space panda to draw the hearts.

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Heart Freckles

You gotta love a faux freckle moment and a heart freckles moment slaps even harder, so sayeth the Lord! Of course, I used my Mehron pro face paint palette for this look… because WHAT CAN’T you use those water activated paints for? They’re a life saver.

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She Wears Her Heart on Her Face

Blah blah blah, I’m getting sick of writing a description for each and every look, so if you wanna see a list of products I used for this one, head over to my Facebook page 🙂

Glittery Pink Cut Crease

Ugh, I’m so proud of how this cut crease came out! I remember cut creases used to scare me and now they’re pretty much all I do! You can see a list of all the products on… you guessed it, my Facebook page.

Watch My Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Here’s a Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial I did using the ColourPop All That palette! The more I used this palette, the more I love it — the pink tones really just SPEAK to me, ok? If you wanna swoop it up for yourself, you can use code 5DEBRA (and that’s not an affiliate code, it’s just a code to save you monies, honey).

More Pink Eyeshadow Looks:

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