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Black Smokey Eye Tutorial for Hooded Eyes: Step-By-Step With Pictures

black smokey eye tutorial

Hey guys! Here’s a little black smokey eye tutorial for hooded eyes! I’ll walk you through this look step-by-step, with pictures of each step, to help you guys create this smokey eye makeup look on your own.

I have slightly hooded eyes, and I know it can be tricky to create a smokey eye (or any eye makeup look) when you don’t have a ton of lid space, but there’s ONE MAIN TRICK that I’ve found that helps me. Are you readyyyyy? Ok, the trick to creating a smokey eye for hooded eyes is to find your crease by using the outline of your eyeball socket as a guide — do not, I REPEAT: DO NOT use your actual crease for placement of your shadows, because that will be too low and using your real crease instead of the outline of your eyeball socket will make your eye look smaller and beadier, while using your eyeball socket to determine where to place your shadows will help to open the eye up and make it look bigger… even when using lots of dark shadows, like we did for this black smokey eye.

For this smokey eye look, I used a handful of single pan shadows from MAC Cosmetics and Makeup Geek. My sister says all my single pan shadows are all the same color… BUT SHE IS WRONG. I may have a lot of shades of brown in my single pan collection, BUT THEY ALL HAVE DIFFERENT UNDERTONES, so they were all highly necessary purchases! Anyone with me on this? ??

I wanted to add a pop of bright color to the inner corner to add a little something fun to the look that’s otherwise just about as dark as my heart ?So I popped on the turquoise color from The Zulu Palette by Juvia’s Place in my inner corner, but you can really use any color you want, since this look is technically a neutral look (I know, I know, when most people think of neutral looks, they think of light nude tones, but I’m an extra-ass clown lady and I like to go all out for most of my makeup looks, so this is my neutral, OKAY? ? Ok, but seriously, on a daily basis, I go for a very neutral makeup look (TBH I wear zero makeup on most days, but who’s checking?), but I love creating more fun looks on Instagram and YouTube, so since that’s what my heart wants, that’s what my heart SHALL GET.

Ok, I feel like I’m really going off on a tangent now, and even I have no real idea what I’m talking about, so let’s just get into breaking this black smokey eye down step-by-step, SHALL WE? Hey, do any of you guys remember that TGIF show, Step By Step? Because now that’s in my head… ok, ok, enough chit chat, let’s gooooo!

Black Smokey Eye Step By Step

Step 1: Prep your lid with your favorite concealer and set the concealer with translucent powder (for this look, I prepped my lid with Tarte Shape Tape in light and set with RCMA No Color Powder). Then lay down Makeup Geek’s single pan shadow in Peach Smoothie as your transition shade, using a Sigma E40 blending brush (you can use my Sigma discount code DEBRAJENN to save money on

Black Smokey Eye Step By Step

Step 2: Pack MAC Brown Script in the crease using a Sigma E25 blending brush.

Smokey Eye Step By Step

Step 3: Diffuse the crease color with Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear using a Morphe R39 brush (use my Moprhe discount code GLAMFAM789 to save on

Smokey Eye Step By Step

Step 4: Blend MAC Carbon in the crease using a Smith 230 brush, keeping the color low, since this is very DARK black shadow.

Smokey Eye Step By Step

Step 5: Pack Pretty Vulgar’s black gel liner all over the lid as a black eyeshadow base, concentrating most of the color close to the lashline, since you want the darkest color to be at the dashline, and just feather the rest of the product out, towards the crease. For this step, I used an ELF concealer brush. For people with hooded eyes, like myself, you can find the proper “crease” placement on your eye by using the outline of your eyeball socket as a guide.

Smokey Eye Step By Step

Step 6: Pack MAC Carbon single eyeshadow on top of the black gel liner we’re using as our eyeshadow base with a flat shader brush. I used the Morphe M205 brush for this step because it’s a nice, compact flat shader and won’t get the black shadow anywhere we don’t want it to get.

Smokey Eye Step By Step

Step 7: Smoke out the lower lashline using MAC Brown Script on a Morphe E18 brush. Dont be afraid of smoking this color out low, since the look is smokey, it’ll really bring the whole look together. TBH, I think I probably could’ve smoked this color out a little lower, but my sister was waiting for me to finish getting ready, so I felt RUSHED lol.

Smokey Eye Step By Step

Step 8: Add MAC Carbon black eyeshadow under the eye using a Morphe M326 brush, keeping it as CLOSE to the lashline as you can. Since this is the darkest color, we don’t want to get too crazy with it, or you’ll risk looking like a raccoon!

Smokey Eye Step By Step

Final Step: Add a pop of color to the inner corner for some pizzazz! I used the turquoise shade from The Zulu palette by Juvia’s Place, but you can really use whatever color floats your boat with this look, since the rest of the look is so neutral (dark and smokey, yes, but still neutral). Then add lashes — I used the most thick, dramatic pair I own, since this look is so dense and you want a lash that can stand up to the dramaaaa lol — so I used the Velour mink lashes in Fluff’n Thick. Then finish your face with your usual routine — I’ll have my flawless foundation routine up any day now…. just gotta find the motivation to edit it lol.

Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

And there you have it, folks, the FINISHED LEWK! I hope you liked this step-by-step black smokey eye tutorial for hooded eyes! If you liked this tutorial, it would mean the world to me if you pinned it to your Pinterest, followed me on Instagram and subscribed to my YouTube channel where I post a lot more makeup tutorials and beauty inspo!

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