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How to Remove Glitter Makeup Without Hurting Your Skin: Glitz Be Gone!

Wearing a mug full o’ sparkles is all fun ‘n games until it comes time to take it off. So if you’re wondering how to remove glitter from your face without hurting your skin (or worse… causing premature wrinkles *gasp*), I gotchu. Keep reading for my best tips for taking off glitter makeup.

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Table of Contents:

  1. How Do You Get Glitter Off Easily?
  2. Can I Use Tape to Remove Glitter Makeup?
  3. What Can I Use To Remove Glitter from Face?
  4. How to Remove Glitter: Step By Step
  5. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Remove Glitter Eyeshadow

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How Do You Get Glitter Off Easily?

When it comes to your skin, you may want to remove glitter easily, but what’s more important is being kind to your skin! Using oils is the best way to remove glitter easily without damaging your precious skin.

Can I Use Tape to Remove Glitter Makeup?

Never ever use tape to remove glitter from your face. Like I said above, you want to be kind to your skin and putting tape on your face will pull and rip at your skin. Of course, you probably won’t see any immediate damage, so you may think it’s fine, but using tape on your skin on a regular basis will cause more harm than good and I’d personally like to do whatever I can to avoid wrinkles at all costs. (Cue the people who like to whine that wrinkles will come no matter what, which like, sure, we’d all be so lucky to grow old, but that doesn’t mean we gotta be out in these streets causing wrinkles, ya feel me? The girls that get it, get it.)

What Can I Use to Remove Glitter from Face?

When it comes to removing glitter makeup (or any makeup, really), it’s all about oils, baby. There are plenty of oil-based makeup removers out there, but if you don’t have one on hand, use whatever oil you’ve got. Coconut oil is my favorite makeup remover (seriously, I don’t even buy makeup remover anymore because I would go through so much β€” especially when I’m doing my cosplay makeup looks β€” that it got cost prohibitive and I realized the expensive makeup removers I was using were essentially coconut oil), but if all you’ve got is some olive oil or baby oil, that’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

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How to Remove Glitter Eyeshadow: Step By Step Instructions

Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to remove glitter from your face, eyes, body… what have you. I’m not here to judge where you like to sparkle ‘n shine πŸ˜‰

I’ll include my video tutorial on how to get rid of glitter from your face at the very end of this post so you can see each step in action. I’ll also link all the products I used so you can easily find them when you’re ready to take off te glitz and glamour (Remember to tag me on IG if you use this method so I can repost you to my stories! @Debra_Jenn)

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1. Gently Remove False Eyelashes

This isn’t necesssarily part of removing glitter makeup, but as a certified skincare F-R-E-A-K, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell y’all how to remove false lashes properly. The theme to all my skincare tips is this: be kind to your skin! Use oil-based makeup remover to loosen the lash band, then gently wiggle it off. Never just rip it off all willy-nilly. BONUS: removing lashes the right way will help you get more uses out of them too!

Products Used:

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2. Use Oil-Based Makeup Remover to Loosen Glitter from Skin

Now we’re getting into the real meat ‘n potatoes of this glitter makeup removal tutorial! Honestly, just douse your face in oils and that ish will slide right off. If you’re wearing glitter eyeshadow (or just a s#!%-ton of loose glitter around your eyes, like I am in the pic), you’ll want to start by gently removing the glitter around your eyes. Use a generous amount of oil-based eye makeup remover to saturate the eye (I would skip using a cotton pad, as that’s just going to absorb the oil and you want as much oil on your face as possible to thoroughly remove the glitter), then gently dab at your eyes.

Your eye skin is the most delicate skin on your face, so remember to be gentle! And don’t be afraid to use as much oil as you need!

Products Used:

3. Melt Your Makeup Off with Oils

Time to lube up!

This might be my favorite part of a cleansing routine: the oil-based cleanser! If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of double-cleansing, and the first step in a double cleanse is using oils. (Have you noticed how much I love oils yet?) If I’m wearing a TON of makeup, I’ll actually use two oil-based cleansers: coconut oil and an actual cleanser. I like to get the biggest tub of coconut oil I can, and I keep it separate from any oil I cook with, since I don’t want any cross-contamination.

Products Used:

My Favorite Oil-Based Cleansers

4. Wash Your Face With a Water-Based Cleanser

After using your oil cleansers, it’s time for the next step in your double cleansing routine (for me, it ends up being a triple cleansing routine if I’m wearing a lot of makeup, but I digress): water-based cleanser.

Products Used:

My Favorite Water Based Cleansers

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5. Moisturize

As your final step in removing glitter makeup, it’s time to moisturize and do your full nighttime skincare routine! One of my favorite nighttime moisturizers is… and I know it sounds crazy: the Curel Ultra Healing lotion. Yes, it’s a body lotion, but it’s non-comedogenic and has ceramides to help heal your skin’s protective barrier. I’ve been using this on my face for years! But I wouldn’t recommend wearing it under makeup since it’s a little too thick and makeup won’t apply well on top of it.

Products Used:

My Favorite Nighttime Moisturizers

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Watch My Tutorial on How to Remove Glitter From Skin

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