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Cleopatra Makeup Tutorial: Become the Queen of the Nile

cleopatra makeup with blue eyeshadow and big gold necklace, scorpion bracelet, and gold head piece

You want a Cleopatra makeup tutorial? I’ll give you a Cleopatra makeup tutorial!

I liked this look so much, I did it two years in a row! Kinda crazy tbh, but when I first started my makeup page, I wasn’t filming tutorials (in all honesty, I had no business filming tutorials yet anyways since I didn’t really know what I was doing ?), so I wanted to do it again so I could film a tutorial on it. Think you can guess which version in the picture above was from the more recent year?

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Cleopatra Costume Makeup: It’s All About the Eyes

For this Cleopatra Halloween costume, it’s really all about the eye makeup. The costume and accessories are gonna pull it all together, but without a dramatic, winged eyeshadow look, you’re really just wearing a costume — the makeup makes the lewk, ya feel me?

And does anything say Queen of the Nile more than blue eyeshadow? Methinks not, m’lady. Methinks not.

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I’ll include the makeup tutorial at the very end of this post and link everything I used to create my Cleopatra makeup look, plus all of the Halloween costume accessories so you can recreate the exact lewk if you wanna ? (Remember to tag me on IG if you do so I can repost you to my stories! @Debra_Jenn)

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Watch My Cleopatra Eye Makeup Tutorial

Check out my Cleopatra makeup tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there! In this tutorial, I give super in-depth instructions on exactly how I achieved this very dramatic winged eyeshadow look. TBH I love this eyeshadow, and would rock it whether or not I was rocking a Cleopatra costume! You can also use the same techniques with different colors to switch up the look.

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messy face after removing cleopatra makeup

And this was the aftermath of my Cleopatra Halloween costume! Lookin’ cute, Debs. Lookin’ reeeeeal cute ?

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