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Alice in Wonderland Makeup Looks: 5 Fantastical Halloween Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costumes

I was so excited for my Alice in Wonderland makeup series and I’m so proud of how all the Halloween costumes came out! But one thing I was NOT prepared for was staying up until 4am every night for a week while doing this series ?

But don’t you worry, these Alice in Wonderland costumes don’t have to take you all night! They can be as elaborate or simple as you want (and tbh half the time I spent on these looks was spent making TikToks and making sure all the transitions, lip syncs, etc. were on point… why doesn’t anyone talk about how much work TikToks are?).

Jump to the Alice in Wonderland Costumes in This Blog:

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Mad Hatter
  3. Queen of Hearts
  4. Cheshire Cat
  5. White Rabbit

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Alice in Wonderland Characters Costumes

Anyways, heeeeeere we go! All of the Alice in Wonderland makeup looks to spark your Halloween or cosplay fancies. Which character is your fave?

P.S. I’ll link all the tutorials for each look + the products I used to create them so you can recreate them for your own Halloween costume! Please remember to tag me if you do ? (Instagram: @debra_jenn)

Watch this TikTok to see all my Alice in Wonderland costumes in action!


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1. Alice in Wonderland Makeup

alice in wonderland makeup for halloween

Curiouser and curiouser!

An Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume? Well I don’t mind if I do! This makeup look was the easiest of the bunch and it’s perfect for any type of Halloween party! Plus, if you’re looking for a sexy Halloween costume, this one sure fits the bill ?

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used in this Alice in Wonderland makeup look here.

Alice in Wonderland Costume & Accessories

Watch my Alice in Wonderland makeup tutorial: Part 1 & Part 2

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2. Mad Hatter Makeup: Johnny Depp Style

mad hatter makeup for halloween

This is an unbirthday party! ☕️

Did you know that October 6 is Mad Hatter Day? Makes sense, since his hat says 10/6 on it. Anywho, given the fact that Mad Hatter Day happens to land smack dab in the middle of spooky season, I’d say a Mad Hatter Halloween costume is a pretty perfect choice. I styled my cosplay of this character after Johnny Depp’s version, but you don’t have to make it as loony as I did (although why wouldn’t you want to?). I gotta say, this was another seriously fun character to do! (And the makeup is really quite simple, albeit colorful.)

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used in this Mad Hatter costume makeup look here.

Mad Hatter Costume & Accessories

Watch My Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial


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3. Queen of Hearts Makeup

queen of hearts makeup for halloween

? Off with their heads!!

The Queen of Hearts is one of my favorite characters. She’s a true strong female boss b!tch, IMO ? Ok, maybe not, but for real, what would the movie be without her? She definitely has some of the most iconic lines in the movie and I had way too much fun cosplaying her character in my TikToks.

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used in this Queen of Hearts makeup look here.

Queen of Hearts Costume, Wig & Accessories

Watch my Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial

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4. Cheshire Cat Makeup

cheshire cat makeup for halloween

We’re all mad here ?

Ok, who doesn’t love the Cheshire Cat? All of the characters in this movie (or book… if you’z a nerd ?) are iconic, but what’s more iconic than a shroomed out cat? I’d argue nothing is. But I know no one is gonna argue with me on this, so let’s just get into the details for this Cheshire Cat cosplay!

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used in this Cheshire Cat cosplay here.

Cheshire Cat Costume & Accessories

Watch My Cheshire Cat Makeup Tutorial: Part 1 and Part 2


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5. White Rabbit Costume

white rabbit halloween costume makeup

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

As a habitually late person, I relate hardcore to the White Rabbit. Listen, I know being late isn’t a cute personality trait, but it’s the personality trait I have ? “bUt wHY DoN’t YOu jUsT bE On tIMe thEN?” Listen, it’s harder than it looks and TBH, I don’t understand people who are on time. Showing up on time is just plain old rude, quite frankly and it’s pretty bold to assume your host will actually be ready for your arrival at the exact agreed upon time ? Ok, ok I’m kidding, but at any rate, I felt like this White Rabbit Halloween costume was quite perfect for me and my lateness ?

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used in this White Rabbit costume here.

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White Rabbit Costume & Accessories


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Watch My White Rabbit Halloween Makeup Tutorial

No time to say “hello,” goodbye! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! I The White Rabbit is certainly not a good last-minute costume, but if you’re planning ahead, it sure is a fun one! Check out my tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there!

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