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10 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for a Last-Minute DIY Costume

Easy Halloween makeup ideas

Want to look festive AF for Halloween, but don’t want to actually buy anything new? Or maybe you lollygagged til the cows came home and now you literally don’t have time to buy a Halloween costume, even if you wanted to. Story of my life. Well, it was the story of my life before I made doing Halloween makeup an entire personality trait of mine.

What can I say, maybe all the years of being a last-minute Halloween procrastinator finally kicked my butt into gear and I just decided to dedicate entire months of my life to a Holiday that was once banned in my house? (Yeah…  my mom fully banned Halloween a couple times… something about the devil being evil and some other hocus pocus. She never really stuck to it though, and now supports my Halloween costumes… as long as they’re not scary Halloween costumes, but we’ll just save that story for another time).

If you’re looking for some cute, easy Halloween makeup ideas you can pull off at the last minute, then STRAP ON and STRAP IN, because when I’m doing my yearly 31 Days of Halloween makeup (follow me on IG and TikTok so you don’t miss out on this year’s spookiness), I always like to work in some quick and easy Halloween makeup looks in between my more elaborate costumes, because mama needs a break!

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  1. Spider Web Eye Makeup
  2. Scarecrow Makeup
  3. Ghost Makeup
  4. Skeleton Makeup
  5. Day of the Dead Skull Makeup
  6. Devil Makeup
  7. Pumpkin Makeup
  8. Spider Makeup
  9. Clown Makeup
  10. Candy Corn Makeup

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Quick & Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas

ANYWHO, wow I get long-winded… but as promised in that looooong intro, if you need some simple yet cute Halloween makeup ideas to get the juices flowing, here ya go, little lady CHOO CHOOOOO!

I’ll link all the products I used, as well as the tutorials for each look as we go to make it easy for y’all to recreate if you want. Please remember to tag me if you do! @debra_jenn

1. Spider Web Makeup

spider web makeup with spider webs drawn in corners of eyes and black lipstick

I’ve caught you in my web!

This spider web makeup is so heckin’ easy! Just draw spider webs around your eyes instead of your usual winged eyeliner, throw on some black lipstick, and BOOM! You’re spooktacular!

Products Used:

See full list of products used in this spider eye makeup look here.

Spider Makeup TikTok


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2. Cute DIY Scarecrow Makeup

Cute DIY Scarecrow Makeup

When in doubt, scarecrow it out.

I’ve done a few scarecrow makeup looks in my time and they’re always one of my most popular looks! They’re so easy to do but still so cute! A real crowd pleaser.

I created this look with the Morphe 35M palette and a flash paint palette from Amazon. For the lips, I didn’t own a black lipstick at the time, so I used a black eyeliner! (But these days, the NYX liquid suede lipstick in Alien is my go-to black lipstick.)

I had this flannel shirt and hat laying around in my closet, so I didn’t need to buy anything to throw this easy scarecrow costume together!

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3. Cute Ghost Makeup

cute ghost makeup with ghosts drawn on cheeks and black eyeshadow

I shall call her SPOOKY CHEEKS!

This easy ghost makeup look is so cute and sooo simple! And after doing elaborate Halloween makeup looks all month, this one felt even more like a walk in the park. Just slap on some smokey eyeshadow, paint some ghosts on your cheeks, and you’re out the door. And trust me, if a simpleton like myself can draw a decent ghost, so can you!

For the smokey eyeshadow, the Morphe 35M palette has all the colors you need (it’s perfect for fall makeup looks too!)

For the face paint, I used my trusty dusty Mehron face paint palette — she never lets me down and I couldn’t live without her!

See full list of products used in this cute ghost makeup look here.

Watch My Easy Ghost Makeup Tutorial


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4. Easy Skeleton Makeup

Easy Skull Makeup with white hair

The fastest, easiest skeleton makeup you’ll ever do.

All you gotta do is a smokey eyeshadow look, some dark contouring, and draw some lines around your mouth and you’re ready to spook! (I also threw on a white wig, but that’s def not necessary if you just wanna do something easy.)

My go-to palette for smokey eyes is the OG Jaclyn Hill palette by Morphe! (Use code GLAMFAM789 to save on your purchase)

See full list of products used in this super easy skull makeup look here.

Easy Skull Makeup TikTok


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5. Easy Glam Skull Makeup

easy glam skull makeup with day of the dead flower crown

Wham, Glam, Skeleton Ma’am!

This glam skull makeup gives me major Dia de los Muertos vibes.

The Morphe 35m is the perfect Halloween eyeshadow palette, and I used it for this skull makeup!

Flower crown is from Amazon; so are the gems.

See full list of products used in this Day of the Dead skull makeup here.

Shop all my favorite Amazon products!

6. Easy Glam Devil Makeup

easy devil makeup with devil horns above eyebrows and devil tail drawn on face

She’s devilishly cute!

Products Used:

See full list of products used in this easy devil makeup here.

Devil Makeup TikTok


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7. Pumpkin Halloween Makeup

pumpkin halloween makeup

Random fact: I think of pumpkins whenever I think of the band Smash Mouth.

I always think they’re called Pumpkin Mouth and have to remind myself that Pumpkin Mouth isn’t a thing, outside of being a hilariously mean nickname one of my friends gave to a random co-worker we had back in the day.

Products Used:

See full list of products used in this spooky pumpkin makeup here.

8. Easy Spider Makeup

Easy spider makeup with black eyeshadow, black lipstick, and spiders on face

Cut off your nose to spider face. Any fellow Office fans out there? If not… guess you won’t get the joke.

I glued spiders to my face (got ’em on Amazon), but if you’re doing this so last minute that you can’t buy some spideys, you could always draw a basic spider on your face with some liquid eyeliner.

Products Used:

See full list of products used in this spider halloween makeup here.

Watch My Easy Spider Makeup Tutorial

"Cut off your nose to spider face."

9. Easy Clown Makeup

Easy Clown Makeup with black and white face paint

I’m not clowning around… gluing all the gems for this clown makeup look took me quite some time, but you can totally skip that part and look just as clown-ish. (And tbh if you’re going to a Halloween party, the gems around the mouth are gonna start falling off as you eat and drink, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

For this look, I used the ColourPop Baroque Eyeshadow palette (use code 5DEBRA to save $5 on all purchases $20+) and blocked out one of my brows with KVD Vegan Beauty brow pomade in White Out, but you could always use concealer and a white eyeshadow if you don’t have that! For the black lips and nose tip, I used my Mehron face paint palette, but you can also use a black eyeliner, in a pinch (I’ve def done that before I had a big makeup collection).

See all products used in this cute clown makeup look here

Watch My Easy Clown Makeup Tutorial

10. Candy Corn Makeup

candy corn makeup for halloween with orange glitter eyeshadow and eyebrows and candy corns drawn on cheeks

She hella cute or whateva.

If spooky ain’t your thing and you prefer cute Halloween makeup looks over the gorey ones, this lewk is for youuuu! (And tbh same… you’ll never see me doing a bloody Halloween look, because they gross me out.)

Products Used:

See full list of products used in this cute candy corn makeup look here.

Watch My Quick Candy Corn Makeup Tutorial


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♬ Stuck in the Middle – Tai Verdes

Watch My Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I liked this Cleopatra costume so much, I did it two years in a row! It’s no last-minute costume, but if you’re reading this and have time to plan out your accessories, she sure is a show-stopper! Check out my tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there!

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