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Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas: 10 Creepy Costumes to Spook, No Flukes

scary halloween makeup ideas featuring the nun and a dark angel

Don’t like blood & gore, but still want to rock a scary makeup look for your Halloween costume? Then boy, have you come to the right place! Here are my favorite scary Halloween makeup ideas that’ll have you spooked!

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Jump to the scary Halloween makeup ideas in this blog:

  1. Chucky Makeup
  2. Bride of Chucky Makeup
  3. Pennywise Makeup
  4. Devil Makeup
  5. Beetlejuice Makeup
  6. Dark Angel Makeup
  7. The Nun Makeup
  8. Scary Skeleton Makeup
  9. Medusa Makeup
  10. Scary Pumpkin Makeup

Spooky Makeup Looks

TBH you won’t catch me doing bloody SFX makeup looks, because all that blood grosses me out, but I still love a good, scary makeup look! So if you’re looking for some creepy Halloween makeup that doesn’t make you want to hurl your guts, keep right on scrolling, little lady. Heeeeeere we go!

I’ll link all the tutorials for each look + the products I used to create them, so you can recreate them for your own Halloween costume! Remember to tag me if you do and I’ll share you on my stories! ? (Instagram: @debra_jenn)

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1. Chucky Makeup

chucky doll makeup with scars painted on face, bright orange hair, overalls and bright shirt, holding a knife menacingly

Hi, I’m Chucky! Wanna play?

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used in this creepy Chucky doll makeup look here.

Chucky Halloween Costume & Accessories

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2. Bride of Chucky Makeup

bride of chucky makeup with thin eyebrows, smokey eye, and black lips holding a knife

You’re mine now, doll ?

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used in this Tiffany Valentine makeup look here.

Check out my Sarah Sanderson makeup tutorial where I did a very similar smokey eye look.

Bride of Chucky Costume & Accessories

Watch My Tutorial to Learn How To Conceal Eyebrows

Unless you’re already rocking pencil-thin brows, you’ll need to conceal your eyebrows to nail the Tiffany Valentine costume. Check out my tutorial below to learn how to do it!

3. Pennywise Makeup

pennywise the clown makeup for halloween

We all float down here ?

Products Used:

See all the products I used in this Pennywise face paint look here.

Clown It Costume, Wig & Accessories

Watch my Pennywise Makeup Tutorial

Tharrrrr she blows! Down below is my Pennywise clown eyeshadow tutorial — I also tell the story of Jennifer Pan, a Canadian girl who killed her parents for no good reason. Nothing scarier than that ?

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4. Devil Makeup

glam devil makeup with 50s style retro hair, winged black eyeshadow and horns

Devilishy cute

My mom would not be happy I did this devil costume, even though it’s not the scariest devil makeup you’ve ever seen. TBH, I rebuke it in the name of Jesus ?

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used in this devil Halloween makeup look here.

Devil Halloween Costume & Accessories

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5. Beetlejuice Makeup

scary beetlejuice makeup with purple eyeshadow and lips and green hair with green dripping around face

It’s showtime!

Is there anything better than a Beetlejuice Halloween costume? 10/10 always a classic. Beetlejuice may not be the scariest costume ever, but he is a dead guy, so try to tell me that’s not creepy, I dare you!

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used for this Beetlejuice makeup look here.

Beetlejuice Costume & Accessories

Watch My Beetlejuice Makeup Tutorial

Wowie zowie, the quality is BAD (this was before I got better filming equipment), so please forgive me!

6. Dark Angel Makeup

dark angel makeup for halloween with black ram horns and feathers, white lashes, and glowing eyes

Fallen from heaven.

Is a dark angel the same as a demon? I suppose it stands to reason they’re the same, but never you mind. I love this creepy costume — it was such a hit when I posted it to the gram!

Products Used:

See all the products I used to create this black angel makeup look here.

Dark Angel Costume & Accessories

7. The Nun Makeup

the nun makeup for a scary halloween costume with black, veiny eyes, black teeth, and glowing eyes

Is there anything creepier than a nun?

I went to Catholic school in junior high, so I promise you… there’s not. I once got chased down a dark hallway by a nun… but that’s a story for another time ?

Products Used:

See the full list of products I used in this scary nun makeup look here.

The Nun Costume & Accessories

8. Scary Skeleton Makeup

White skull makeup for halloween with smokey eyes, skeleton teeth and white hair

Spooky, scary skeletons, send shivers down your spine!

Products Used:

  • I used the James Charles palette for this, but I’ve used the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette for the same eyeshadow look before, and I like the Jaclyn Hill one wayyy more (plus I would never recommend buying anything from James Charles lmao — the palette was sent to me for free).
  • Mehron Black Face Paint

See full list of products used in this scary easy skull makeup look here.

Watch My Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

To see how I got the smokey eye for this skull look, watch my black smokey eye tutorial.

9. Medusa Makeup

Medusa makeup for halloween with snake scales and green eyeshadow and lips

Don’t look at her, or you’ll turn to stone!

This isn’t a scary costume, you say? Well, look ol’ Medusa in the eyes and let her turn you to stone, I DARE YOU.

Products Used:

See full list of products used in this scary Medusa makeup look here.

10. Scary Pumpkin Makeup

scary pumpkin skull makeup

Part pumpkin, part skeleton, all scary.

Products Used:

See full list of products used in this spooky pumpkin makeup here.

Watch My Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I liked this Cleopatra costume so much, I did it two years in a row! It’s no last-minute costume, but if you’re reading this and have time to plan out your accessories, she sure is a show-stopper! Check out my tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there!

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