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White Rabbit Makeup Tutorial: Always Late? Then This Halloween Costume is for You

White Rabbit Makeup for Halloween Costume with white face paint, red eyeshadow, bunny ears, holding clock

Calling all Alice in Wonderland fans! Have I got the cosplay makeup tutorial for youuuu! But there’s no time to say “hello,”goodbye, so let’s get into all the details of this fun costume, shall we?

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My Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Costume

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

And true to form (and true to the White Rabbit), I was actually quite late with the tutorial for this White Rabbit cosplay… I didn’t finish editing the video until a full year after I’d filmed it. But ho hum, pig’s bum, I suppose that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

This Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Halloween costume is fairly easy to pull together, all things considered. There aren’t any complicated steps like covering your eyebrows, just paint your face white (and I used a white foundation for this look, so really, it’s more like just applying a very light foundation shade), slap on some red eyeshadow and blush, draw on a nose and whiskers, and you’re out the door. It’s not necessarily what I would call a good last-minute Halloween costume idea since you’ll need all the Halloween costume accessories to really pull it off, but it’s still an easier makeup look, nonetheless.

THAT BEING SAID, I did have a minor meltdown while creating this lewk (but TBH I swear I have a moment during every look where I think I’m the

White Rabbit Makeup Details

I’ll include my White Rabbit makeup tutorial at the very end of this post and link everything I used to create this White Rabbit cosplay, including all of the costume accessories so you can recreate the exact lewk if you wanna πŸ˜‰ (Remember to tag me on IG if you do so I can repost you to my stories! @Debra_Jenn)

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white rabbit costume makeup

Products Used in my White Rabbit Makeup Look:

See the full list of products I used in this White Rabbit costume here.

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Watch My White Rabbit Makeup Tutorial

Check out my White Rabbit costume makeup tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there! I had a minor meltdown drawing the whiskers, but watching the footage back, it was never as bad as I thought it was when I was in the middle of painting my face

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Watch My White Rabbit Cosplay TikToks

@debra_jenn Halloween Day 5: The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland πŸ‡ #31daysofhalloween #artober #halloweenathome #happyhalloween #halloweenmakeup #fyp ♬ Alice In Wonderland – Singing Treasures
@debra_jenn Now that Easter is over, I guess it’s time to take off this bunny makeup 🐰 #happyeaster #makeup #mua #makeupremoval #easterbunny ♬ Alice in Wonderland – Joanna Wang

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