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Easter Makeup Looks: Ain’t Nothin’ Cuter Than A Bunny, Hunny

Happy Easter, happy schmeaster! From pastel eyeshadow with flowers to painting Easter bunny ears on your face, or turning yourself into an actual Easter Bunny, there are so many fun ways to use your face as a blank canvas for some cute Easter makeup looks!

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Festive Easter Makeup Looks

Here are my favorite festive Easter makeup looks to celebrate the holiday (or just to look cute and Spring-y if you don’t celebrate)! If you like what you see, please save my looks to Pinterest and share with your friends!

All of the tutorials are linked in the caption below each image, so you can recreate these looks! Make sure to tag me and I’ll share your looks on my Instagram story! @DEBRA_JENN

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1. Easter Bunny Makeup Look

I’m so proud of how this Easter Bunny makeup came out! You don’t have to do a fancy cut crease eyeshadow look with it if you don’t feel like it, but I think the eyeshadow is really pretty on its own, so I wanted to do it. Drawing the bunny nose and whiskers is fairly easy — just make sure you go slow and steady and you’ll probably surprise yourself with what you’re able to draw!

I got the Easter bunny ears from Amazon, and the bow tie is from Amazon, too!

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Watch My Easter Bunny Makeup Tutorial

Watch my Easter Bunny makeup tutorial on my facebook page!

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2. Easter Eggs Makeup Look

This look is a lot easier than it may look. Make sure you draw the white part of the Easter bunny ears first, and then outline them in black. If you do the black first, it’ll be awfully hard to keep the white from getting streaks of black in it.

I used the Mehron Makeup Paradise Pro Face Paint palette for the face paint details — you can get it on Amazon!

Watch My Easter Eggs Face Paint Tutorial

Watch my Easter eggs makeup tutorial on facebook.

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3. Pastel Easter Eyeshadow Look

I used the Natasha Denona Tropic eyeshadow palette for this look and as much as it pains me to say it… the high price was actually worth it, because these shadows are so good. I mean, LOOK at the sheen of the shimmery mint shade and how well the colors blend! But the good news is, there’s a mini version of the palette and it has all the colors you need for this look at a much more affordable price! You can find it at Sephora.

Watch My Pastel Eyeshadow Tutorial

Watch my pastel Easter eyeshadow tutorial

4. Spring Flowers Easter Eyeshadow Look

Carole Baskin, who? There’s nothing like a good flower crown to make you feel like a cool cat ‘n kitten πŸ˜‰

Watch My Spring Flower Eyeshadow Tutorial

Watch my spring flowers makeup tutorial

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Watch My Spring Makeup Tutorial

Here’s a pastel eyeshadow look I did using the ColourPop Sailor Moon palette. I didn’t do it specifically to celebrate the resurrection or hunt Easter eggs, but I’ll be darned if it ain’t a perfect Easter eyeshadow look! If you like what you see, please subby-sub to my YouTube channel!

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