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Moana Makeup Tutorial Using ColourPop Heart of Gold Vault + Face Paint

Moana Face Paint and ColourPop Heart of Gold Set

ColourPop asked me to do a Disney Princess inspired makeup look using their new Disney Princess Super Shock Shadow collection, so I decided to do a Moana makeup look!

Table of Contents:

  1. Moana Face Paint Details
  2. Products Used in My Moana Makeup Look
  3. ColourPop Heart of Gold Vault
  4. Watch My Moana Makeup Tutorial

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Moana Face Paint with Flowers & Ocean Waves

Moana Makeup

For this Moana inspired makeup look, I thought it would be so cool to draw ocean waves for my eyeshadow (I did the waves with Super Shock Shadow and face paint!) Then I used the same face paint palette to draw some hibiscus flowers on my cheek, which I really think put this look over the top, and I’m so proud of how the finished look came out!

Jump to my Moana makeup tutorial or my Moana TikTok

I’ll include the tutorial at the very end of this post and link everything I used to create my Moana makeup look, so you can recreate if you wanna ? (Please tag me on IG if you do so I can repost you to my stories! @Debra_Jenn)

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Products Used in My Moana Makeup Look

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ColourPop Heart of Gold Vault

ColourPop Super Shock Vault Heart of Gold Disney Princess Collection

I feel so blessed that ColourPop sent me the entire Disney Princess Heart of Gold Super Shock Vault! I mean just LOOK at these colors!

If I’m not mistaken, they sold out of the vault pretty quickly, and unfortunately, I don’t think they’re planning to resock, BUT you can still buy the super shock shadows individually, OR as a set! (Meaning you’ll get all the shadows pictured here at a bundled price, but without the special packaging)

I don’t think ColourPop discount codes can be applied to collabs, but just in case, you can try my code 5DEBRA which will save you $5 off any purchase of $20+

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Watch My Moana Makeup Tutorial

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Watch My Moana TikTok

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