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How to Cover Eyebrows for Cosplay & Drag Makeup: Step-By-Step Tutorial

How to Cover Eyebrows for Cosplay and drag makeup

If you’re struggling to figure out how to cover your eyebrows like you’ve seen all the drag queens doing on RuPaul, you are not alone! It took me years (and lots of DMs to my fellow makeup artists) to figure out the PERFECT technique for blocking out eyebrows. Seriously, I could not, for the life of me, crack the damn case on this skill! But anyways, after much trial and error (and a lot of help from my friend @klamour_makeup — go follow her, she’s the best!), I finally know how to block brows.

So whether you’re looking to cover your brows for cosplay, drag makeup, or just so you can rock an edgy, avant garde makeup look, keep reading to find out all my tips and tricks!

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How to Conceal Eyebrows: Step By Step Instructions

Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to cover your eyebrows with concealer and pros-aide (I know a lot of people use Elmer’s glue sticks, but that has never worked for me… I guess my brows have a mind of their own and a glue stick doesn’t have enough hold to keep them laying down flat, which is KEY to hiding your brows and making sure those pesky hairs stay completely hidden! If you’ve got brow hairs springing up, it’ll totally mess up the concealed brows look you’re going for!

I’ll include the video tutorial on how to hide eyebrows at the very end of this post so you can see each step in action! I’ll also link all the products I used so you can easily find them when you’re ready to cover your brows and serve up some naked mole rat realness ? (Remember to tag me on IG if you use this method so I can repost you to my stories! @Debra_Jenn)

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clean eyebrows before concealing

Step 1: Clean Skin with Rubbing Alcohol

You’ve gotta make sure you don’t have a lot of oils on your skin before you begin the next steps, otherwise the Pros-Aide might not stick as well as you want it to!

Products Used:

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How to Cover Eyebrows with pros aide

Step 2: Use Pros-Aide Cream to Lay Brows Flat

TBH, if you’re gonna cover your whole face in a colored face paint, you can skip all the rest of the steps! Just laying your brows down flat should suffice (even if you have darker eyebrow hairs like me!) I’ve found if you go in with all the concealer steps after this, then try to go in with a white face paint, it can take a lot of work to make sure your white paint doesn’t get muddied with concealer.

Products Used:

  • Pros-Aide Cream
    • note: I prefer the cream version for this step, since the liquid gets really messy and will take longer to dry down)
  • J.Cat Silicone Brush (use code DEBRAJENN to save money)
cover eyebrows with powder

Step 3: Set with Powder

Time for our first layer of setting powder! I used Ben Nye super white to really start the process of covering my brows (but of course, if you have dark skin, this may not be right for you!)

Products Used:

use orange concealer to color correct eyebrows

Step 4: Color Correct with Orange Concealer

If you have dark eyebrow hairs, this step is a must! It helps to color correct and hide those pesky dark hairs.

Using cream concealers only is a MUST! If you use liquid, it’s much more likely you’ll start breaking up the glue’s hold on your eyebrows and those pesky hairs will start bursting through like sunshine after a rainstorm.

Products Used:

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use orange eyeshadow to set brows

Step 5: Set with Orange Eyeshadow

Instead of using a translucent powder, we’re gonna set the orange concealer with orange eyeshadow. Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Products Used:

use yellow concealer to hide brows

Step 6: Use Yellow Concealer to Tone Down the Orange

This step is really only for people with light skintones (like my ulta-pale, avoid-the-sun-at-all-costs-for-fear-of-wrinkles azz ?). If you have dark skin, go ahead and skip to step 8!

If you’re doing this step, remember to use CREAM concealer like the product linked below ?

Products Used:

set brows with powder

Step 7: Set with More Powder

We’re gonna be using a lot of setting powder for this, so buckle up!

Products Used:

use concealer to cover brows

Step 8: Use Concealer in Your Skin Tone

Again, it’s important to use a cream concealer so you don’t dilute the power of the glue holding your eyebrows down!

Products Used:

setting eyebrows with powder

Step 9: Set with Powder (Yet Again ?)

Yep… even more setting powder!

Products Used:

  • Ben Nye Super White Powder
Concealed Eyebrows

Step 10: Time to Serve Up Your Fiercest Alien Looks, Sans Brows

Brows? Never heard of ’em!

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Watch My Tutorial on How to Cover Eyebrows

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