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Rainbow Makeup Looks for Pride Month (Or Whenever You’re Feeling Colorful)

Rainbow makeup ideas for pride month

It’s Pride Month, baby! And to celebrate, I’ve done a ton of rainbow makeup looks, which are one of my FAVE types of makeup to do! In my book, there’s no occasion where a rainbow look wouldn’t be suitable to wear, but that’s just me. Hi, I’m Debra, the colorful clown ?

Anywho, if anyone needs me, I’ll be wearing rainbow eyeshadow all summer long ?

Jump to the Rainbow Makeup Looks in this Blog:

  1. Rainbow Cut Crease Eyeshadow
  2. Rainbow Gradient Eyeshadow Look
  3. Rainbow Eyeshadow with Graphic Eyeliner
  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Face Paint
  5. Dripping Rainbow Face Paint
  6. Wearable Rainbow Makeup
  7. Rainbow Pop Art Makeup Look

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The Best Pride Makeup Looks

Now, I’m not saying I’m the best makeup artist who ever lived, but I am very *proud* of these Pride Month makeup looks! If you like wearing rainbow eyeshadow or just want to celebrate your PRIDE, these festive looks will get the job done.

All of the tutorials are linked below so you can recreate these if you want. Please remember to tag me if you do! @debra_jenn

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1. Rainbow Cut Crease Eyeshadow With Clouds

She’s got her head in the clouds! This is one of my fave rainbow makeup looks I’ve ever done. I’m so *proud* of how this cut crease came out, but I gotta be honest… I was HELLA NERVOUS it wasn’t going to turn out right. I used my thinnest eyeshadow brushes (like my Morphe M326) to lay down a thin strip of each eyeshadow color to create the rainbow effect.

Products Used:

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Watch my Rainbow Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial

WHAT in tarnation, it looks like the embed ain’t working, but you can watch the tute on my facebook page! Here’s a fun little makeup transition instead:

@debra_jenn My first #pride makeup look of the year! Whaddaya think? 🌈🌈 #makeup #beforeandafter #mua #makeuptransformation #powerofmakeup #rainbowmakeup ♬ Weeeeh – Tik Toker

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2. Rainbow Gradient Eyeshadow Look

It’s giving Rainbow brite. I did the look above with the Morphe 35b palette (use code GLAMFAM789 to save), which is one of my FAVE rainbow eyeshadow palettes!

Products Used:

  • Eyeshadow: Morphe 35B Palette
  • Lips:
    • J.Cat lip liner in light brown (use code DEBRAJENN)
    • ColourPop Quickie Lipstick is discontinued, so J.Cat lipstick in Flashbacks is a great dupe (don’t forget to use code DEBRAJENN to save monies!)
  • Lashes: Lilly Lashes So Extra Mykonos (use discount code DEBRAJENN to save monies)
  • Rainbow Earrings: Shein
  • Pink Top: Shein

Watch My Gradient Rainbow Eyeshadow Tutorial

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3. Rainbow Eyeshadow with Graphic Eyeliner

A winged graphic liner is one of my fave things (and the more you practice it, the easier it gets). I used the Morphe 35B eyeshadow palette for this look (use code GLAMFAM789 to save $5 on and then used the Suva Beauty Hydra Liner in Space Panda for the graphic liner. Since the liner is basically a water-based face paint, it’s a little easier to correct mistakes than if you use a true eyeliner (just use a dab of water on a small brush to correct small mis-steps and then redraw the line — but be careful, you don’t want to mess up the eyeshadow underneath!).

Products Used:

Watch My Rainbow Eyeshadow with White Liner Tutorial

4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Face Paint

This look is just your everyday, average, running errands makeup look, obviously. To create this ~ultra-simple~ lewk (insert winky face), I used the Morphe 35B eyeshadow palette to shade my cheeks (are you noticing a pattern yet? You betta use code GLAMFAM789 if you wanna save that money!), the Mehron Paradise Paint Palette to draw the rainbow and stars, and the CC Beauty Flash Color Face Paint to draw the clouds (I prefer drawing clouds with an oil-based face paint (instead of the water based paints in the Mehron palette), as it gives a more cloud-like texture).

Products Used:

Watch My Rainbow Makeup Face Paint Tutorial

5. Dripping Rainbows Face Paint

Rainbow Face Paint Makeup Look

Products Used:

One of my followers requested I recreate this look (originally done by @t.rinluck). I created this fun rainbow makeup by outlining the drips, then I painted the drip with oil-based face paint, then since oil-based paints don’t dry down, I set the paint with my fave rainbow eyeshadow palette (the Morphe 35B, natch). Then I painted the stars on my face with my trusty dusty Mehron face paint, which is a water-activated face paint and works better for that kinda thing than the oil-based paints would.

Watch My Dripping Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

Facebook be a fickle lady and the embed is blocked (prob ’cause of the music I was playing WHOOPS)… ho hum, click through to my facebook page to watch the full length tutorial.

6. Wearable Rainbow Makeup

rainbow eyeshadow with red orange yellow on lids and blue on undereye with orange lipstick

Products Used:

See full list of products used here.

IDK what it is, but this look reminds me of Toucan Sam lmao. The yassified Toucan Sam, obviously.

7. Rainbow Pop Art Makeup Look

pop art rainbow makeup look

Products Used:

See full list of products used here.

This is the exact opposite of a wearable makeup look, but it’s great for a theme party, or just to show off your makeup skills on the gram.

Watch My Pop Art Makeup Tutorial

Watch the full length pop art makeup tutorial on my facebook page.

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Watch My Colorful Eyeshadow Palette Review

The ColourPop Lizzie McGuire collab was full of bright colors that would be perfect for creating a colorful makeup look of your own! Check out my review of the Y2K nostalgia makeup collection below (and don’t forget to subbie-sub to my YouTube channel!).

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