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Orange & Black Eyeshadow Tutorial for Bad Witches Only

baddie makeup look with orange and black eyeshadow, closeup shot of the eyshadow on the right

Il Makiage is one of my FAVE makeup brands — they’re all about being extra and being a maximalist, and if you know me, you know I’m legit always calling myself a maximalist (my boyfriend would prefer to call me a hoarder, but that’s beside the point). So when Il Makiage reached out and asked me to create a look using their products (featuring the Il Makiage After Party Foundation), you know this bad b*tch couldn’t say no!

Table of Contents:

  1. Baddie Halloween Makeup
  2. List of Products Used
  3. Baddie Halloween Outfit
  4. Orange & Black Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Calling All Baddies: This Halloween Eye Makeup Look is for You

Halloween Eyeshadow

Honestly, combine a dramatic eyeshadow look with black lipstick and it’ll turn you into a baddie INSTANTLY. If you’re afraid of black lipstick… don’t be! In my humble opinny, it’s not any scarier than wearing a bright red lipstick, but black packs an even badder punch. And it’s especially perfect for Halloween makeup (or any fall makeup if you ask me, but maybe I’m just extra like that). If you REALLY don’t want to rock black lipstick, no one is gonna force you… so you could always rock a nude lip with this bold orange smokey eye, but you can’t tell me the black lipstick doesn’t take it over the top!

Orange and Black Eyeshadow

I’ll include the tutorial at the very end of this post and link everything I used to create this bad witch makeup look, so you can recreate it if you wanna. (Remember to tag me on IG if you do and I’ll repost you to my stories! @Debra_Jenn)

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What I’m Wearing

Products Used in this Baddie Halloween Makeup Look:

Il Makiage product flatlay

Eye Makeup Used:

Other Eye Products Used:

Face/Complexion Products Used:

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You Can’t Tell Me This Baddie Makeup Doesn’t Slap

This looks is honestly such a vibe if you don’t mind me saying so myself. I’ve actually done a similar look before using different eyeshadow colors, but I loved it so much, I just had to do it again so I could film the tutorial!

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Watch My Orange & Black Eyeshadow Tutorial

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